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Ashland and Barracuda participate in the manufacture of Ecoferries

News International-French

14 Jun 2012

Ashland Performance Materials, a commercial unit of Ashland Inc., and Barracuda, its distributor for the Brazilian marine market, participated in a project that is focused on relieving traffic in the West Zone of Rio de Janeiro. And, the best thing is that it has a very low environmental impact. It is the transportation of passengers on vessels built and operated by Ecoferries in Lagoa de Marapendi, situated in Barra da Tijuca. In total, there are eleven ferries available to condos, offices and schools located in the district.

Ecoferries are able to carry up to one thousand passengers per day, in five different routes. One of them, with 7 km of extension, connects a bus terminal to the future metro station of Barra da Tijuca. “Globo(a Brazilian television network) did a test to compare how long an Ecoferry and a car take to travel that route. The ferry finished it in half the time. Not to mention that the emission of pollutants and the transportation costs are infinitely lower,” says Jorge Nasseh, CEO of Barracuda.


Nasseh explains that Barracuda participated in the construction project of the ferries, in the manufacturing plan and in the production of the prototypes. “All vessels were produced through the vacuum infusion process, a technology characterized by the low emission of pollutants and reduced waste of raw materials.” The infusion also allowed the production of ferries up to 40% lighter than those made using conventional methods, which improved the power/fuel consumption. The average speed of the Ecoferries is 15 knots.


According to David Britto, marketing leader of Ashland for the Brazilian marine market, the experience with the Ecoferries reaffirms the environmentally friendly profile of composites. “The first ferry used Ashland´s Arazyn™ infusion resin. And to confirm our commitment to sustainability, the environmentally friendly aspect of this project will be enhanced using Ashland´s Envirez® resins, that are derived from renewable and recycled raw materials, for all new ferries in the future.”


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