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Asia largest composite helicopter rotor blade developed

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7 Apr 2014

AVIC Changfei has successfully made breakthrough in composite material co curing technology and developed the current largest composite materials rotor blade in Asia.

The technology has established a digital coordination system for the helicopter nacelle manufacturing. It reduces the standard tooling and tooling coordination. It realizes the rapid optimization between fixture design and assembly process. And it shortens the manufacturing cycle.

This composite material helicopter rotor blade from trial production to test flight delivery has only taken 6 months period of time that set a historic record in this field. The technology level of this achievement is in the leading position in China.

In the development of AC313 large composite helicopter rotor blade, AVIC Changfei has put forward the application of molding blade co-curing technology. The molding blade co-curing technology applies one shot molding process within the high pressure mold in different procedures.

Those procedures include prefabricated small parts as well as skin prepreg, girder tape, foam, bushing, and front metal coated iron. The difficulties in this technology include uncured prepreg, large volume, and complicated assembly coordination. The number of parts is large with higher positioning accuracy requirement and complicated processes. The blade forming pressure source come from the reverse pressure generated in the internal parts that is difficult for controlling.

AVIC Changfei presided over the completion of the "three dimensional assembly instruction research and batch production application" project that enhanced the helicopter assembly technology level. This technology has been applied in the high-tech project that achieved the on site "visualization" operation, which improves the working efficiency and the quality of the products. AVIC Changfe also has many unique insights in the process equipment manufacturing, composite material parts manufacturing, and NC machining technology.

For example, the aircraft skin mold surface high efficient polishing milling technology applied research has been applied to the die surface machining, blade foam core parts processing and significantly improved the ROI that saved over US$166,666 (1 million Yuan) processing costs. At the same time, the foam core parts (blade root filling parts) processing time has been reduced from the original 12.5 hours to 3 hours, and save up to US$333,333 (2 million Yuan) cost every year.

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