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Asia largest offshore wind farm started construction in Rudong

News International-French

3 Aug 2016

China Huaneng Group Rudong 300 MW offshore wind farm first high pile cushion cap piling has been started recently.

This offshore wind farm is located in the adjacent seawater near Xiaoyangkou Rudong County, Jiangsu Province. This marks China as well Asia largest scale offshore wind farm project has formally started construction.

Huangneng Rudong 300 MW offshore wind farm project has a planned 5.3 billion Yuan (US$ 815.67 million) of investment with a construction scale of 300 MW. The project has been divided into south and north two zonings.

The whole project construction utilizes high pile cushion cap and single pile base combination form. High pile cushion cap has multiple work processes and procedures, and has higher and stricter requirements for the construction sites. Each high pile cushion cap needs 8 piles, as of now, the first high pile cushion cap has piled a total of 6 piles. Different in comparison with single pile can complete part of the processes and procedures inshore, high pile cushion cap needs all the processes and procedures to be completed offshore on the ocean.

It is reported that this time Huangneng Rudong offshore wind power farm has selected 5 MW wind turbines. The longest wind blade reached 75 meters far exceeded the previous longest blade of 63.4 meters. This large scale offshore wind turbine is also the first of this kind in China domestic market.