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Assembly Guidance introduces end-to-end fabrication management system

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29 May 2013

Laserguide D3 fabrication management system integrates data collection, defect prevention, and documentation.

Laserguide manufacturer Assembly Guidance Systems introduces to the North American market its new D3 fabrication management system. Reducing discrete hardware, data entry and data integration requirements, the system extends Laserguide capabilities by offering fabricators a single point of contact for all fabrication processes. The system has already been adopted by major aerospace and automotive companies to perform and manage laser-guided kitting, layup, ply verification, FOD prevention and correction, and final documentation.

The D3 product name arises from three primary capabilities that are integrated into the Laserguide platform: data collection, defect prevention and correction, and documentation. Data collection features include seamless importation of design data and capture of ply material type, orientation, batch and out time, debulk cycle, and other pertinent information. Critical to most applications, correct fiber orientation also is both verified and documented by the system. Defect prevention is integrated directly into the fabrication process in real time by the system. Finally, documentation gives fabricators and end users searchable, traceable, controlled and usable information about each individual component, enabling verification that acceptable tolerances have been achieved.

Implementation of the system has already occurred in both aerospace and automotive applications. A major aerospace company has chosenthis system for program-wide use on a new airliner engine system. Assembly Guidance President Scott Blake notes that the company meets new requirements for documentation with the system’s automated data collection and documentation features. In an electric vehicle application, the system oversees the fabrication of a structural enclosure. The system enables laser-guided kitting, assembly and documentation of this continuous-fiber component. With the capabilities of Laserguide D3, the enclosure manufacturer anticipates accuracy, efficiency and reliability of an automotive continuous-fiber composite component.

Assembly Guidance Systems, Inc., founded in 1988, is the world leader in laser projection of dimensional patterns for manual processes. Headquartered in Chelmsford, MA, Assembly Guidance Systems serves high performance customers in aerospace, wind turbine, marine, Formula 1, and now stock automotive markets worldwide.

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