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Australia Brumby to build composites seaplane in Fuzhou

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20 Jan 2014

Recently, a Chinese Aviation Industry Corp (AVIC) subsidiary, Fujian Tonghang Aviation Industry Co. Ltd. (Fujian Tonghang) has signed a cooperation framework agreement with Australian Brumby Aircraft at Cowra city Australia.

According to the agreement, both sides will invest a joint venture in Fuzhou city (Fuqing). The joint venture company will build a Brumby Aircraft manufacturing, assembling production line in China, and will start all-round cooperation and joint research and development in global sales, after sale service, and model development.

Both sides agree to work together to develop the composites of 10-20 class seaplane in line with international standards, which filled the Chinese domestic industrial blank.

The signing of the agreement marked that the development of general aviation industry in Fujian has made symbolic progress that is unprecedented in Fujian province civil aircraft manufacturing industry.

Fujian Tonghang has invested and built a multifunctional Aviation Industrial Park in Fuqing export processing zone of Fuzhou City. The first phase project covered a land area of about 1 million square meters, including the construction of a land runway with the length of about 800 meters. The project will use the water region on the east side of Industrial Park as the landing runway for the seaplane.

Fujian Tonghang deputy general manager Chen Pai told reporters that after the project completion, the multifunctional industrial park will integrate the aviation manufacturing, operation, repair, aviation training school to provide a full range of services for the general aircraft operations.

The Fuqing City government has given this project full support so the industrial park construction has progressed smoothly. They have also a plan to build a second phase expansion investment project, and the runway will be extended to 1800 meters then.

Australian Brumby Aircraft is mainly engaged in the production of the 2-4 seats aircraft, which is one of the most widely used models in general aviation and private aircraft circle with good market prospects.

Founder and CEO of Brumby Aircraft, Philip Goard is very optimistic about the market, he said: "In view of the future, China will gradually open up the Chinese low altitude airspace, which will release a huge market potential. We estimate that the sales of the aircraft assembled during the cooperation between the two sides will be doubled each year in the next few years."

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