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Auto Giants & Luxury Brands sell carbon fiber bicycle in China

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8 May 2012

Recently, many major auto brands bicycles began to appear at the mall in China, including the Hummer, Lamborghini, and Renault. The most expensive bicycle is a Lamborghini, $7700 USD.

Carbon fiber bicycle has two advantages: The first one light weight, 9.5 kg, or even 8 kg, only 2/5 the ordinary bicycle that can be lifted single handed. Another advantage is that impact resistance ability that is 8 times the ordinary bicycle.


Carbon fiber is different from the ordinary bicycle metal material, the body is integrally molded, looks very smooth.


However, carbon fiber bicycle has its weakness too, it needs to avoid intact with sharp objects, or the strength would be impaired, and too much water would also damage the carbon fiber.


$4200 USD Lamborghini has sold several, while the thousand Yuan bikes were sold even more, about 20 per month. There is several limited distributions that require advance booking.


In addition to automobile brand bicycles, LV, Channel, Gucci and many other luxury brands have launched their own bicycles too.


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