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Autoclave for FSUE “VIAM”: New success on the Russian market

News International-French

3 Feb 2016

Vist Composite and its partner Italmatic are selected by Federal State Unitary Enterprise “All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Aviation Materials” (FSUE “VIAM”) to supply their new hi-tech autoclave.

With 400 °C working temperature and working pressure up to 30 Bars, this laboratory autoclave will allow FSUE “VIAM” to increase its research and development capabilities.

With more than 80 years, being the largest materials research enterprise in the Russian Federation developing materials and technologies for aircraft and space industry, FSUE “VIAM” defines appearance of products for aerospace of the future.

The choice of FSUE “VIAM” confirms that the quality standard of Italmatic, combined with the best operational availabilities and a software especially developed to aerospace industry is in line with aerospace requirements and constrains.