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Autoclave innovation

News International-French

2 Mar 2012

JEC europe 2012 - Magnabosco's autoclaves are the result of research on heating processes, temperature uniformity, autoclave pressurization and vacuum systems.

All functions are controlled by a graphic PLC (with PC touch screen for supervision on request), and each machine is manufactured according to the customer’s requirements. The autoclaves can be heated by electric power, steam, diathermic oil and, in some cases, even by microwaves.


In order to save energy, they have a special internal insulation with very reduced dimensions, allowing fast heating and cooling.


The truck holding the materials is manufactured with particular care, so that vacuum tests can be performed outside the autoclave. This way, any possible loss can be noticed before entering the material into the autoclave, without the need for the operators to enter into the unit and without damaging the bags. Units can be 500 to 5,000 mm in diameter and 0.5 to 72 m in length, and either horizontal, vertical or mobile (horizontal during loading process, vertical for polymerisation).



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