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An autoclave management control system to save production time

News International-French

18 Aug 2014

AIC announced that it had helped a Hampshire-based composite manufacturer save up to 7,500 hours of lost production per year (150 per week) by upgrading the control systems of eight ovens with its AMCS (Autoclave Management Control System).

Before the replacement, AIC found that its engineers were being called out on average twice a month. In one year alone the company lost up to 7,500 hours in lost production. AIC then proposed that this could be remedied by upgrading the eight ovens with its AMCS (Autoclave Management and Control System). The upgrade was completed over three months.

Since the upgrade, the company has not lost a single hour in downtime over a full year due to instrument problems. The control system paid for itself in six months, with an overall saving of £160k pa.
This has had a positive effect as these ovens run 24/7, making production more reliable and more efficient, delivering a more effective service. It has created operational efficiencies and has been less frustrating and demotivating for operators, now that they know the equipment works.

The new systems give uniformity of control hardware and software (already partially in use on key plant) with NADCAP/AMS2750E compliant data recording, calibration functionality and ease of operator use with a familiar interface.

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