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Automated hydraulic press with multiple heating zones

News International-French

2 Mar 2015

JEC Europe 2015 - TMP, A division of French, developed a six-post downacting hydraulic composite moulding press to be used in a specialized manufacturing process.

The custom-designed automated press features specialized thermo fluid heated platens with multiple zones. The customer’s composite material enters the press’ incoming heat zone for material preheating. After the preheat time has elapsed, the material automatically advances to the press’ second platen zone, heating to final cure temperature. A space between the first and second platen zones helps maintain platen and product temperature uniformity. After the complete cure cycle, the material exits the press through a trimmer and is automatically rolled.

The platen temperature is programmable through a Siemens press controller mounted next to the press. The control system takes signal and automatically regulates heaters and control valving for accurate platen temperature control in addition to controling overall press operation, cycle times and pressures. The operator interface features a colour screen and displays functions and set values that can be changed or adjusted, as required. A modem installed in the press controller allows TMP's electrical engineers to make minor control modifications or updates as needed.

The press linear transdual transducer displays the position of the press moving bolster and can be used to change press speed, track safety measures, display part thickness and trigger press alarms.

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