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Automated non-contact crack length gauge

News International-French

19 Feb 2016

JEC World 2016 - Imetrum’s crack length gauge improves data quality and saves time when perfoming crack length measurements.

It uses precision video analysis to report crack length live on screen during each test. It frees up the operator to work on other tasks, whilst still being able to keep an eye on the specimen.

Deteriming the exact location of a crack tip can be a highly skilled process, reliant on an operators judgment. Imetrum’s gauge eliminates this subjectivity, meaning different operators can run the same test with exactly the same parameters – perfect for a busy lab striving for a consistent quality.

The crack length gauge has been widely tested and works robustly for static tensile tests on all specimens, e.g. ASTM D5528, D3433 & ISO 25217:

  • Eliminates variability in manual measurements from different operators.
  • Automated data collection and synchronisation with load and displacement - saves time and reduces errors.
  • No need to pause tests to take measurements – improving safety and speed.
  • Keep a video record for quality control, reporting and further in-depth analysis.
  • Simple to learn, use and calibrate.

“The Imetrum software is a game-changing product for investigating the fracture mechanics of DCB test coupons. It replaces what was once a laborious process to correlate crack length with failure load and displacement. I would highly recommend this system to researchers conducting this test due to the simplicity of the set up.

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