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Automatic cutting improves repeatability for composites

News International-French

27 Feb 2014

JEC Europe 2014Eastman's model S125 static-table cutting system is capable of cutting, marking and punching virtually any flexible material. 

The new static-table system is available in a range of system lengths and widths to meet the demands for prototypes, one-offs and full production runs. The system's high-precision configuration features multi-axis motion for more defined and accurate cuts.

This computer-controlled system features zoning capabilities to enable cutting in one area while the operator is simultaneously picking parts in another, maximizing daily production capacity. The standard cutting surface is a porous plastic sheet. Alternative cutting surfaces are available to optimize cutting results for any given material or aid in controlling material contamination concerns.

The operating computer and control cabinet are housed in independent enclosures that are sealed to offer dust and water protection in harsh or high particulate environments. Cabling connectors, servomotors and display components meet recognized international protection ratings requirements.

The S125 is equipped with a high-flow vacuum system to ensure optimum material hold-down for cutting. It also features an advanced electro-pneumatic regulator for precise tool pressure control and a high/low voltage systematic panel layout for easy troubleshooting. It has easy-access, sealed doors for inspection and maintenance. Its heavy-gauge steel construction has a scratch-resistant powder-coated finish.

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