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Automobile carbon fiber materials developed in China

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9 Jul 2014

Arrizo 7, a new carbon fiber plug-in hybrid model has been released.

This Chery new plug-in hybrid model is jointly developed by Ningbo Institute of Materials Technology & Engineering (NIMTE) Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) and Chery Auto.

This model has a core advantage that the body is made of carbon fiber composite material. Therefore, the auto body out shell has reduced about 10% of the weight with a reduction of fuel consumption by 7%. The overall body weight has been reduced by 40% ~ 60% so the overall controllability has been strengthened. This feature can bring more outstanding acceleration feeling. The tensile strength of carbon fibers can be up to above 3500MPa, which is 7 ~ 9 times that of the steel material so the car becomes safer and more reliable than the traditional models.

It is understood, this product is a result of the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology "863" key project within the CAS knowledge innovation engineering directional project carried out by NIMTE. This project focuses on the automotive application of the Chinese domestic carbon fiber composite materials.

NIMTE and Chery have jointly carried out the work of cutting-edge research, through the composite material system research, composite structure design, verification and evaluation of the rapid prototyping technology and the improvement of composite structure performance to break the automotive structure key technologies with the application of composite materials. This breakthrough will play an important role for China to establish the Chinese domestic carbon fiber composite material automotive parts application design and the formation of China automotive rapid manufacturing technology system.

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