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Autonomous RTM tool

News International-French

1 Mar 2012

JEC Europe 2012 - Compose has delivered its first "autonomous" RTM tool – designed to produce RTM parts without a press – to one of its customers for a construction application.

All the functions needed to produce a part are integrated within the tool:

- a heat transfer fluid circulates through channels in the mould to heat and cool it down;

- a mechanical, automated system opens and closes the mould – during injection, the mould is clamped by an ironjaw, a system developed and patented by Compose.


To automate and better control the production process, sensors (flow, temperature, pressure) are integrated in the tool cavity.


The autonomous tool has many advantages: lower production costs and investment (no press), space saving, enhanced ergonomics, cycle time divided by three, energy saving and shorter cleaning and unmoulding times.


The tool is a plug-and-play production equipment that can be used for any type of composite applications to lower investment and production costs.


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