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AVIC appoints Argosy exclusive distributor for its aramid honeycomb core products

News International-French

8 Apr 2015

Argosy International Inc. has been appointed the exclusive distributor by AVIC Composite Corporation Ltd (ACC) for its complete line of aramid paper honeycomb core products worldwide, including North and South America, Europe (excluding Russia), Asia, Oceania, the Middle East (excluding Iran) and South Africa.

Argosy also manufactures aluminum honeycomb core products in a joint venture with Xi’an Aircraft and markets them worldwide.

Aramid honeycomb core products, which combine high strength and light weight, are used in a wide variety of applications, including: interior and exterior aircraft panels and structures; marine panels; trains, cars, and trucks; sporting goods; and other applications requiring light weight, structural panels.

About AVIC Composite Corporation:
The company develops, manufactures and supplies composite materials, including: honeycomb core and other core materials, resins and prepregs, and composite structural parts. ACC is jointly funded by AVIC and the Beijing Municipal Government. Its main activities include: fundamental research on composite materials and processes; establishment of systems, specifications and processing standards for aeronautical and non-aeronautical composite materials; production of resin, prepregs, honeycomb and other composite material products; and, prototype production and technical services to customers.

About Argosy International:
The company serves a diverse group of markets, including aerospace, automotive, transportation and sporting goods, with specialty chemical products including tooling resins, adhesives, coatings, potting compounds, specialty tapes, film adhesives, honeycomb, sealants and prepregs. Argosy is the exclusive distributor for Cytec Aerospace Materials and Cytec Process Materials to the aerospace industry in Asia (excluding Japan). Argosy also manufactures aluminum honeycomb in a joint venture with Xi’an Aircraft Corp. and is licensed by Akzo Nobel to formulate coatings for the aerospace industry in China. Argosy also has a logistics division that operates globally and has special capabilities such as handling hazmat and temperature sensitive materials.

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