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AVIC Cirrus light jet SF50 will achieve first flight with 500 aircraft orders in hand

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23 Apr 2014

Although this type of aircraft is still in the development stage currently, AVIC has already received more than 500 SF50 aircraft orders so far.

China Aviation Industry General Aircraft Co., Ltd (CAIGA) has completed the acquisition to America Cirrus in June 2011. Recently Cirrus has designed and developed the single engine light jet Cirrus SF50 aircraft. And according to China Aviation Industry (AVIC) Deputy Chief Economist Meng Xiangkai, the AVIC Cirrus SF50 will achieve the first fly during the first half of this year.

According to Meng Xiangkai, after the acquisition, CAIGA started on the optimization of corporate governance and the strengthening of business management to promote the benign development of Cirrus. At the same time, CAIGA has also established a collaborative interaction products R & D, manufacturing and marketing system at home and abroad. They have made, great leaping forward to upgrade the CAIGA small general aircraft R & D, manufacturing and marketing level.

According to introduction, SF50 is a business jet by Cirrus’s R & D. In June 2012, SF50 aircraft development project was officially approved by AVIC. The mode has been unveiled at the 2012 Zhuhai Airshow.

As a single engine light jet that is in the current applying for the global airworthy certification stage, the aircraft has made bold attempts and explorations in the structure design, flight performance and so on. The aircraft has 5 to 7 seats, equipped with the composite materials fuselage and the whole aircraft parachute.

The SF50 maximum cruise speed can reach 555 kilometers per hour; under the condition of full oil, the maximum range can reach up to 1850 km. The economic cruising speed is 390 kilometers per hour; under the condition of full oil, the maximum range can reach up to 2200 kilometers per hour.

At present, the SF50 aircraft R & D and global airworthy certification progressed smoothly. At the same time, Cirrus has started the SF50 marketing, flight training, customer service and other business. It is expected that by the end of 2015, the model will begin delivery to the customers.

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