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AVIC composite materials automatic laying machine made progress

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5 May 2015

AVIC Beijing Aeronautical Manufacturing Technology Research Institute (AVIC BAMTRI) has successfully developed the Chinese first industrial application grade automatic composites materials laying machine.

This machine suitable for the airplane wind surface type composite structural materials manufacturing. It is a result through international cooperation and innovation integration.

The large composite materials automatic laying machine successfully developed by AVIC BAMTRI is composed by the components such as laying head, multi axis high-speed moving cross beam, and the viaduct support platform. It has been equipped with X, Y, Z, A, C axis, with five axis linkage function. This design is to meet the basic movement of automatic laying requirements. The development of the machine made breakthrough in the following key technology:

Optimization design of large span structures includes the design of the cross section shape, board thickness, rib plate layout, the supporting surface, and the support points as well as the type selection of linear motor. The optimization has applied the finite element analysis software ANSYS, made design optimization breakthrough in the machine overhead laying 6500mm large span structure key technology, and carried out the verification verified in theory and practice for the design optimization results.

The completion of the manufacturing of automatic multi axes laying head design. In order to adapt to the changes of the parts surface curvature, laying head needs to swing in two coordinates, also needs to complete the multi actions such as prepreg layer feeding, positioning, cutting, stripping, rolling and protective film recovery, material layer tension, and waste recycling. Therefore, the structure is very compact, which requires reliable, in place, and steady rhythm action.

Completed the whole machine function debugging and performance optimization: completed the adjustment and the optimization of the dynamic performance parameters, completed the debugging of large span high-speed movement high speed movement gantry axis bilateral synchronous drive system; completed the laying head function debugging, parameter adjustment, ensured that the cooperative control and motion mechanism; finished the debugging of composite materials component automatic laying automatic monitoring and fault processing system.

Finished laying path planning includes: the development of laying planning module, the layer geometric transform track module, and the laying programming module. In the laying programming operation, it provided the function of various process parameters that defining the laying process, including laying layer, layer surface, the automatic laying process, the cutter advance and retreat movement, laying order, laying direction settings.

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