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AVIC high-speed rail new composite brake project approved

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15 Apr 2014

State Administration of Science, Technology & Industry for National Defense has approved Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC) Brake Branch to start military technology promotion project with high-speed rail new composite brake.

This is a supporting policy from the Chinese government for AVIC Brake Branch to develop the new type of high-speed rail brake with the carbon/ceramic composite materials in order to realize the high-speed rail localized manufacturing.

According to SASTIND, AVIC Brake Branch high-speed rail new composite brake development project conforms to the national "Twelfth Five Year" industrial policy. The development of new composite brake pair can be used for high-speed rail field that can promote the development of Chinese domestic carbon fiber and its composites. The project has the following characteristics:

  1. Application of military aircraft brake new composite material preparation technology
  2. Focused development of new carbon/ceramic composite brake application and research
  3. Key technology breakthrough including brake material preparation and structure design
  4. The development of high-speed rail model of carbon / ceramic composite brake
  5. It can realize the high-speed rail brake localized manufacturing

After the completion, the project can be formed with an annual output of 200 cars brake production capacity for a certain type of train.

AVIC Brake Branch has long been engaged in the design, test, and production for the China military aircraft wheels/brakes technology and materials. The company has with strong technical strength in the international aircraft wheel/brake development area. In recent years, based on scientific and technological innovation, AVIC Brake Branch has started close cooperation with the Chinese domestic higher learning institutions.

This cooperation has plaid a big role in the constantly strengthened technology progress of the carbon brake materials, especially in the development of carbon / ceramic composite materials. AVIC Brake Branch has worked with the CAS academician Zhang Litong for nearly ten years. The products developed through this long term cooperation have reached the world advanced level and have been successfully applied and promoted on a certain type of military aircraft.

In recent years, AVIC Brake Branch has focused on the expansion of the military technology to the civilian products. The company has actively carried out joint cooperation in the development and production with the civilian railway brake products enterprises. With the advanced brake material production level, AVIC Brake Branch has developed the market and made breakthrough in the monopolized brake materials market.

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