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AVIC T800 carbon fiber drafting precursor production line made breakthrough

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5 Dec 2012

Recently, AVIC XI’AN Aero-Engine (Group) Ltd 25 tons of T800 carbon fiber drafting precursor production line successfully put into production with full material load which filled blank in the country.

AVIC XI’AN owns completely the production line’s independent property rights from production design, to process technology, to product manufacture. It is the only Chinese company with the capability of T800 carbon fiber precursor batch production.


After 8 months operation, the production line load has reached 90% of the design capacity. The product qualification rate reached 90%. The tensile strength, tensile modulus, elongation at break three main performance indexes, product fiber density, thermal conductivity and other indicators have reached the international advanced level.


High grade carbon composite materials are strategic new materials. They have an irreplaceable role in aviation, spaceflight, navigation, and other high-end equipment fields. Especially the high grade carbon composite materials technology and equipments development and production are of crucial importance for a country’s technology strength.


AVIC XI'AN is further optimized 25 tons T800 carbon fiber precursor drafting production line design parameters. At the same time, they have carried out the development of above T1000 carbon fiber precursor drafting production line.


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