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Axson group: Accelerating growth Andre Genton appointed new chief operating officer

News International-French

2 Apr 2012

Formed in 2011, AXSON group is bringing together BS Coatings, Revocoat and AXSON Technologies to become a world leader in high performance operational polymer formulation.

“We plan to double the size of the group within the next 5 years and reach 500 Million Euros SALES in 2016. To support these growth objectives, we are making substantial investments: we are adding capacity and building new facilities in all emerging markets, , we are also adding talents and specific resources in R&D to boost innovation and solutions development, In addition to our core businesses, we are targeting 100 Millions Euros of new business in Adhesives and Composites ” says Charles CHURET, AXSON’s President and CEO.

Adhesives and composites offer significant growth opportunities in Markets where the AXSON group is already a strong player and participate actively such as automotive, energy infrastructure, aerospace and sport & leisure.


A strengthened global presence with new growth platforms:
-Axson is building a new plant in Kolomna, Russia
-Axson is announcing a second production site in Gujarat State, India
-Axson is announcing expansion of its plants in Shanghai, China and in Curitiba, Brazil
-Axson is forming a joint-venture in Saudi Arabia
-Axson signed an Alliance with ASAHI RUBBER (Japan)

“The recent gathering of three entities allows AXSON to offer a broader range of solutions to customers with breadth of expertise, technology synergies and worldwide infrastructures in R&D and manufacturing. Moreover, AXSON is continuing to expand its global coverage and pursuing its merger and acquisition policy to add new building blocks to the business portfolio” further explains Charles CHURET.


A new coo to help achieve ambitious goals: Andre Genton

AXSON announces the appointment of André GENTON, as COO (Chief Operating Officer). After 25 years in industrial management experience gained within prominent European and American Corporations, he will bring a significant additional experience and expertise to lead the implementation of AXSON’s strategy