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Axson opens a technical centre for developing innovative PUR formulations

News International-French

15 Dec 2014

Axson, a specialist in high-performance polymer formulation, is to open an Axson Merylithe, a technical centre for developing innovative PUR formulations.

This centre in Méry (Savoie, France) will enable Axson customers to carry out tests and trials from early 2015. The announcement follows the company's acquisition of Merylithe, a move that has strengthened the company’s expertise in polyurethane elastomer formulations.

Constant innovation in PUR solutions at this high-tech technical centre
The new, state-of-the-art technical centre will focus its renowned expertise on both isocyanate formulation and systems.

Formulation improves product performance
By taking over Merylithe, a move in line with the group’s acquisition policy, the company is building on its position as a leader in formulations.

Towards “greener” applications
“Axson Merylithe is also working on more environmentally-friendly PUR ranges and is currently researching alternatives to petrol and carbon products. Developing bio-sourced systems is a real challenge for the industry of tomorrow!” said Jérôme Duclos, Director of Axson Merylithe.

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