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BÜFA Composite Systems presents a new gelcoat

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6 Mar 2018

Sponsored Innovation Report - The name of the latest product that has come from BÜFA Composites’ research & development activities keeps its implied promise: BÜFA®-Ambition-Gelcoat stands for the highest surface quality in a class with lacquers.

BÜFA Composite Systems presents a new gelcoat

Gelcoats that until now were applied as a protective layer onto moulded parts made of fibre-reinforced plastics can now be replaced by a new gelcoat: BÜFA®-Ambition-Gelcoat, which combines unique colour brilliance and accuracy with surface protection and refinement in a class with lacquers.

Whether orange, violet or azure blue – there are now no more limits to individuality when it comes to applications in the automotive or industrial sectors. An isophthalic acid resin and exceptionally colour-stable pigments are used as the basis for this new gelcoat. The gelcoat also guarantees outstanding weathering properties because products from BÜFA – Europe’s leading gelcoat supplier – are produced with proven raw materials and tested according to long-term methods. 

Booth: Hall 5 – E58/G23

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