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Baling solid epoxy resin full load production

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14 Sep 2012

Recently, Baling Petrochemical Company annual output 40000 tons solid epoxy resin has achieved full load standard production.

The solid epoxy resin device unit was built and put into production by Baling Petrochemical epoxy division in late May of 2012.


Through a new round of drive, the key process (desolvation) feed weight reached 6500 kilograms per hour and the daily production reached 57 tons, which are the design values.


Solid epoxy resin technology and chemical stability are good. It has good color, good bonding strength, excellent dielectric property, and good flexibility,


The solid epoxy resin can be applied to the adhesive industry, pipeline corrosion and other high-end paint field.


In order to make the new capacity to put on the market as soon as possible, Baling Petrochemical epoxy division sales center has started marketing way before the production line put into production.


In the first half of this year, Baling solid epoxy resin sales volume reached 4200 tons, an increase of 300 tons year on year. All the productions are sold 100% so far.



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