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Ballistic-resistant continuous glass-fiber composites panels to protect power grid

News International-French

30 May 2016

Southern States LLC, a Georgia manufacturer of products for the electric utility industry, selected PolyOne’s GlasArmor continuous glass-fiber composite panels to create its custom Ballisti-Wall and Ballisti-Cover ballistic-resistant solutions.

The two products protect and camouflage utility substations and other critical facilities and equipment to mitigate physical attacks. Southern States saw an opportunity to provide a unique solution to its utility customers, who were under pressure to comply with new physical security mandates from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC). To meet the FERC requirements, each utility company was required to perform a risk assessment of their systems, identify the most critical assets within the power grid, and then propose and implement a plan to protect them.

PolyOne and Southern States worked together to develop a modular design that made it easy to customize solutions for each application and at the same time meet customers’ tight delivery requirements. This approach also enabled fabrication of GlasArmor panels with minimal disruption to existing production schedules.

“The Southern States ballistic solutions are key elements in meeting the needs of utilities as they work to improve the security of critical assets,” said Craig Nikrant, president, Specialty Engineered Materials at PolyOne.

Southern States ballistic-resistant solutions incorporate three layers of GlasArmor panels to achieve Underwriters Laboratories (UL) Level 8 protection. Level 8 specifies protection against a 7.62 mm rifle using a lead core, full metal jacket 0.308 caliber copper military ball. Using GlasArmor panels, Ballisti-Wall and Ballisti-Cover successfully encapsulate the bullet and prevent any ricochet that could be harmful to individuals or assets of the utilities.

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