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Barracuda presents a Wind Blade Seminar

News International-French

10 Apr 2013

Barracuda of Advanced Composites will present a seminar on the Infusion Process for Wind Blade Design and Production.

The seminar dated April 11 is sponsored by ALMACO - Latin American Association of Composite Materials and will be hosted by the Federation of Industries of Rio Grande do Sul in the city of Porto Alegre.

The seminar, presented by Barracuda chief engineer, Jorge Nasseh, developed in conjunction with leading manufacturers of wind energy baldes in South America, will address initially the constitutive equations that describe the flow of a fluid through a porous medium, also known as Darcy´s Law derived from the Navier and Stokes equations via partial differential equations. Based on Darcy´s equations the seminar will present several experimental testing to determine permeability factor of wind laminates, manufactured by resin infusion process, and resin uptake results on sandwich cores. All the tested parameters will be consolidated on a numerical analysis and flow modeling using finite element method.