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Barracuda supply composite panels for 2014 World Cup Stadium

News International-French

28 Dec 2012

The football stadium Maracana, in Rio de Janeiro, is undergoing total renovations to meet the requirements for the World Cup 2014.  The stadium will host the final game of the 2014 Cup. Among these works is a special project, using large composite panels supplied by Barracuda Advanced Composites to restore a mosaic of the main entrance of the Football Museum.

The original mosaic was designed and built in the early '50s for the opening of World Cup in Brazil by the artist Paulo Werneck  (1907 – 1987).  The porcelain mosaic decorated the outer wall of the stadium atrium and is next to the photo galleries of soccer idols and above the Walk of Fame, where immortalized famous feet who glorified the stadium. The Mosaic reproduces scenes of players in action and became one of the main attractions of the stadium.


The mosaic is being glued on large composite panels manufactured using the resin infusion method, with fiber glass facings and PVC foam core, glued to the mosaic with epoxy adhesive. This material has characteristics that will provide an effective result in order to preserve the authenticity of the mosaic wall and increase its durability. 


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