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Barracuda supports Composite Boatbuilding course

News International-French

16 Dec 2013

For the first time in History a Brazilian University will start to offer a Composite Boatbuilding class.

From the first semester of 2014 the University of Itajai (State of Santa Catarina) will be offering a module on Boat Construction in Composite Materials in its graduation course of Technology in Marine Construction.

The content of the new subject include topics about processing techniques in composites, mold and prototyping construction, selection of materials, scantling calculations, mechanical testing and construction details. In each semester the students will produce a fiberglass boat as part of their final exams.

The module will have as a reference literature the books wrote by Barracuda Advanced Composites chief engineer, Jorge Nasseh, including “Composite Boatbuilding Manual”, “Advanced Methods in Composite Construction” and “Theory and Practice of Composite Processing”. All books are Portuguese language.

The module has as its primary goal to interact theoretical and practical aspects of marine application of composite materials in a way of qualifying these students into professionals of the Marine Industry with the best technology of the market.