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Barracuda training facility in Rio de Janeiro

News International-French

15 Apr 2015

Barracuda Advanced Composites announces the opening of its new training facility in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The new center will provide programs in Advanced Composites Manufacturing starting June 2015.

Classes on Advanced Composites Manufacturing has been developed to fit the needs of manufacturers in the marine, transportation and wind energy applications. During the program, students will spend part of the day understanding the theoretical use of structural composites and other half time doing hands-on training. 

Composite technicians fabricate lightweight, structurally strong parts for a variety of applications. Brazil has one of the largest growing markets for advanced composite and one of the major concerns facing the industry is the shortage of talented technicians necessary to supply the industry. 

Introduction to Advanced Composites Manufacturing is designed to provide an intensive practical introduction of modern composites fabrication. The course aims anyone who would like to understand how modern, high performance composite parts are manufactured and learn the skills and techniques to be able to design, manufacture or repair such parts. This course is suitable for most of the experienced laminators however a basic understanding or some practical experience will be an advantage.