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BASF and DONG-IL CNE to develop polyurethane composite applications for building and infrastructure industries

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6 Nov 2017

BASF and DONG-IL CNE today entered a strategic Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) agreement to develop innovative, lightweight utility poles and oil and gas pipes, as well as other solutions for advanced infrastructure.

BASF and DONG-IL CNE to develop polyurethane composite applications for building and infrastructure industries

As the initial project of the partnership, DONG-IL CNE will provide its manufacturing expertise to produce BASF branded utility poles made with BASF’s Elastolit polyurethane (PU). The partners will also explore other lightweight applications to meet the growing demand for stronger, lighter composite products for the building and infrastructure industries.

“We are delighted to partner with DONG-IL CNE to identify new opportunities and tap into the global composites market, which is estimated to reach almost  US$40 billion by 2021,” said Andy Postlethwaite, Senior Vice President, Performance Materials Asia Pacific, BASF. “Our ultra-light utility poles will help provide uninterrupted electricity to cities across Asia, especially in areas that are prone to severe weather conditions, such as Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Korea, Japan and Australia.”

Under the agreement, BASF and DONG-IL CNE will also explore several new technologies including PU pultrusion, PU with carbon fiber filament winding, as well as oil and gas pipes with a PU filament winding process.

“By combining BASF’s broad competencies in composite materials and technologies with our integrated manufacturing capabilities, our partnership will create new material applications that will help address urban infrastructure challenges brought by population increases across Asia,” said Choi, Young Ki, President, DONG-IL CNE.

The company has extensive manufacturing experience in the high-performance composite material business in Asia, covering automotive, shipbuilding, building and civil engineering construction industries, as well as in the chemical industry.

Utility poles made with PU and enabled by BASF’s unique filament winding technology, are extremely lightweight and robust yet flexible. The poles can withstand severe weather conditions such as typhoons and can be optimized for specific conditions. In addition, they weigh less and are yet more durable and resilient than the concrete poles they replace.