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Batch-production prepreg machine

News International-French

20 Mar 2012

JEC Europe 2012 - Developed with ease of use and cost effectiveness in mind, this prepreg machine targets small to medium composite part producers who want to better control their materials and processes and reduce their material costs.

CDI’s new production prepreg machine has a small footprint, so that it can be installed in a range of facilities, and boasts enhanced set-up and operation features to facilitate both small and large run production and prototyping.


Other features and benefits include:

- Intuitive, fully-automated controls that incorporate processing “recipes” to make the machine easy to operate while maintaining strict process control 

- Plug-and-play design requiring no facility changes to install or operate the machine

- Precision design allowing for the production of a full range of materials from sporting goods to aerospace components

- Optional “ply consolidator” enabling the production of prepreg widths up to 1000 mm

- Ability to improve schedule, inventory control, customize resin systems, reduce operating and facility costs and reduce material costs up to 40%.



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