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Battenfeld-Cincinnati rapid sales growth in China

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5 Jun 2012

By virtue of some large orders, Battenfeld-Cincinnati achieved big success last year in China. According company forecast, along with the growing Chinese market demand for high output and high efficiency equipments, its sales in China will maintain continued growth.

Foshan Battenfeld-Cincinnati Plastic Equipment Co., Ltd got a lot of large orders last year. Sales has been increased from $6.7 million USD in 2010 soared to $43 million USD in 2011. The existing 12000 square meters of production space housed 180 employees.


The company will continue to push the high quality energy saving machinery. This year it will still achieve a 10% sales growth. China continues to advance the urbanization. Therefore, the residential projects and municipal engineering will have huge demand for the replacement of existing pipelines.


Infrastructure business development is quite good also in China especially for the three layer PPR pipelines. The company also will focus on the improvement of supply chain efficiencies and cost control. Presently, the Foshan facility core components still need to import from abroad.


Domestic operations still concentrated mainly in Shandong, Guangdong and Zhejiange traditional industry clusters. But in Sichuan and Chongqing and other Midwest area, the business also has a fair growth. This year, they will try to make the export turnover too. The main export markets include Southeast Asia, South America and the Middle East.


Battenfeld-Cincinnati equipment located a high price policy. It is about 2.54 times that of the domestic brands. But the overall costs are very competitive. Along with the continuing increase on Chinese production costs (including power, rent, and wage cost), the plastic processing enterprises need more energy saving, space saving and labor saving machinery solutions.


Equipments of high output, low energy consumption, vacuum suction, automatic cutting are very important. As the customers have the focus on the long-term production cost effectiveness. The domestic market includes multi-layer co-extrusion pipe, large diameter polyethylene and PVC pipeline, as well as the wood-plastic composite material extrusion pipe.


Battenfeld-Cincinnati latest low chip PVC profile cutting machine MTV125E, Argos 93 parallel twin-screw extruder and Talos 60 single screw extruder can be used for pipes, profiles and cable extrusion and co-extrusion applications.



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