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BauTex to build-up a glass fiber forming furnace

News International-French

31 May 2011

The Russian-German company announced on the 24th of May 2011 the launch of the new scale project – building of a Glass Fiber Forming Furnace with an annual glass fiber production capacity of 20 000 tons.

Within the scope of this project BauTex will cooperate with the best European consultants and suppliers in glass fiber forming technology and already by the end of 2013 the furnace shall start its production.


The furnace will produce yarn and low and very low tex rovings and hence will be complementary to the OCV furnace of high tex on the other side of the road.


BauTex will strive to make Gus-Khrustalny a cluster of glassfiber composite productions and a center of know-how and technology for the composite future of Russia.


On May, 23rd, the field works of the soil geological and geodesic analysis for the furnace building have been finalised. See the photo.



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