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Bayer 30,000 tons polyurethane land in Chongqing next year

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14 May 2012

Chongqing Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau publicized the EIA report on Bayer MaterialScience (Chongqing) Co., Ltd. annual 30,000 tons polyurethane and 20,000 tons polycarbonate composite project lately.

This is the first Bayer chemical industry project in western China. According to the plan, the first phased will be an investment of US$ 60 million. It will be put into operation in October 2013 in Changshou Industry Base.


Now the global polycarbonate industry production is 3.5 million tons, Bayer production capacity is 1.188 million tons. Today, polycarbonate demand kept rising in some industries such as medical care, automotive. Polycarbonate plays an important role in reducing the car weight. There are very successful cases.


In addition, in the IT sector, for example, game consoles and portable computers, etc., the polycarbonate used more widely. Since the polycarbonate material is Bayer's invention, the optical and heat resistance performance have optimistic response from the market. About 3% of global polycarbonate consumption is in the Chinese market.


In 2011, the Bayer Group in Greater China has close to three billion Euros sales. It will achieve sales of more than double to about 6 billion Euros in 2015.


Among them, in the field of materials science and technology, Bayer will provide solutions in the car lightweight, eco-building and infrastructure construction. In May last year, Bayer MaterialScience in China's first eco-business construction project broke ground. It will become Bayer first zero-emission building in China.


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