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Bayer glass fiber reinforced polyurethane used in insulation doors and windows

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16 Apr 2013

In an energy-saving building materials exhibition recently held in Heilongjiang, people found a novel polyurethane FRP doors and windows from Suzhou in display. The material is a new advanced composite material made through pultrusion production model uses polyurethane as matrix and the glass fiber as reinforcing material.

This material is developed through 3 years joint cooperation between Jiangsu Top Composite Corp and Germen Bayer. The polyurethane used in this material is a Bayer patented product and provided by Bayer. The material performance has significant advantages than the plastic steel window in thermal insulation, strength, flame retardant, and service life. It has attracted much attention in the exhibition.

According to Top Composite sales manager Mr. Tangju, Bayer has developed the patent product with superior insulation performance -- glass fiber reinforced polyurethane many years ago.

Bayer is very optimistic about China's huge energy saving thermal insulation door and window market. They made a visit to Top Composite who was famous in the FRP production and started cooperation in the development of polyurethane FRP doors and windows three years ago. After a comprehensive scientific research and study based on the technology integrated of material science, architecture, engineering, and machinery processing, in June last year, they have successfully developed the new energy-saving doors and windows to be used in cold areas.

The characteristics of this material include high weather ability, high insulation, very low thermal conductivity, and the thermal conductivity is the same as that of the solid wood and PVC. This material has a three-dimensional network structure so that it has excellent aging resistance characteristic and it can resist up to the temperature as high as 240 degrees. And its low temperature resistance performance is even better: it would not become brittle at the low temperature as the plastic steel window would. It is the preferred frame material in the cold area.

The material would not cause the cracks between the attached wall body materials during the temperature changes so it has very good sealing performance so that it will ensure the whole door / window has good heat insulation performance.

It is a light material, with no deformation, strong nail gripping ability, and with no need of steel. The material has the characteristics of corrosion resistant, flame retardant, no affects on the mobile phone signals. The company uses polyurethane throughout the doors and windows that is China domestic initiative. With the growing demand for low carbon green life, this new type of polyurethane FRP doors and windows will become the first choice for the consumers.

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