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Bcomp with Linen Incredible

News International-French

4 Jun 2013

The outdoor exhibition LinenIncredible will bring Flax into the cities of Paris and Florence. Bcomp shows there the ISPO awarded skis from Stöckli Skis and different smart solutions around the flax fibre composites.

Flax in the City provides an opportunity to discover the linen of european countryside in an urban setting. A temporary, ephemeral 1,000m2 field of linen flax will be installed in Paris and Florence.

As technical textile, linen is a composite material, a source of inspiration to designers as they push the boundaries of contemporary furniture; used as a structural solution for new‐generation goods. Bcomp as a natural fibre specialist is using the advantages of flax with its smart technologies in their materials for the production of highly performing skis and snowboards, ski poles, bicycle parts and frames, skate decks, car bodies, design parts and music instruments.

The Ispo Gold awarded ski Otwo from Stöckli is shown as an example in Paris and Florence during the exhibition.

Linen, environmentally sustainable ‐ a plant of local agriculture and best grown here ‐ Europe contributes 85% of the world’s production. Its ecological profile is much better than that of other natural fibres which consume a huge amount of water. Grown mostly in Europe’s Northwestern countries (Belgium, France and The Netherlands) and since long time in the Emmental of Switzerland, it needs neither irrigation nor fertilizer in these production zones.

Naturally Green, linen is also an ethical product that contributes to maintaining the economic and social cloth of rural areas.

A green company
It all started in 2003, when Cyrille Boinay with his carbon fiber skis (DrakeBoinay) stepped up to the two EPFL doctorates Christian Fischer and Julien Rion. While the synthetic fibers where lightweight and robust, they provided too much spryness and disturbance on the snow, which the researchers went about to change. During this process, they discovered the damping characteristics of natural fibers and used these advantages for the development of two patented technologies, which they turned into a company 8 years later with the founding of Bcomp Ltd. Today Bcomp is a team of 8 highly motivated fellows, developing different products and projects within the exciting world of natural fibers.