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Bcomp soars towards space

News International-French

12 Aug 2013

The company was mandated by the Swiss Space Office to develop novel lightweight composite structures for space applications.

Selected amongst the winners of the "Call of Ideas 2013" of the Swiss Space Center (on behalf of the Swiss Space Office), Bcomp was awarded one of ten grants to develop thin-walled composite structures with improved stiffness- and damping properties.

The Swiss Space Office from the State Secretary for Education, Research and Innovation of the Swiss Confederation (SERI/SSO) is initiating a Call for Ideas to foster low Technology Readiness Level (typically TRL 1) research and development studies related to space activities.

The objective of this Call is to identify and demonstrate disruptive space innovations based on ideas or concepts. Thanks to a short-term implementation and a relatively light administrative element, the selected studies shall focus on technical and scientific work.

For this first Call for Ideas, the Swiss Space Center invites submissions on the following topics:
• Micro-Nano Technologies (MNT)
• Materials, Parts and Processes (MPP)
• Optics
• Pico/Nano Sat technology and components

These topics have been identified in the development plan elaborated in 2012 by the strategic committee of the Swiss Space Center, which is composed by its academic and industrial members. The topics stem from the needs expressed by the European Space Agency (ESA).

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