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BComp's new ampliTex light fabrics

News International-French

9 Apr 2013

The awarded technical fabrics are now richer by one range. The need of the water sport and bike industry inspired us to develop a lightweight flax range.

Non crimp fabrics result in the strong and stiff natural fibre composites. The ampliTex light fabrics increase the strength of the final composite part by 20%.  Bcomp power ribs are tripling the strenght of parts with adding just a little weight. The flax braids have an excellent intrinsic hoop strength and damping properties.

The ampliTex light products are made with a new low-twist roving for a maximum performance.
- 75 g/m2 flax biax 0/90° lightweight weave, low crimp
- 100 g/m2 flax UD lightweight fabric
- 200 g/m2 flax biax 0/90° lightweight weave, low crimp

These ampliTex light light fabrics are ideal for replacing light glass fibre fabrics traditionally used in surfboard construction, cutting weight of the required reinforcement material by 50%. For the bike industry, they offer a unique opportunity to simultaneously increase the strength and the damping properties of the frame, thus increasing both the comfort and the safety for the end user.


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