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19 Apr 2011

Time Sport International, France, is one of the world’s most innovative manufacturers of composite sports-bicycle frames and accessories. Always seeking that technological edge to give its customers the most competitive performance, Time Sport recently worked with Huntsman Advanced Materials to develop a unique highperformance bike – the RXR.

(Published on October 2008 – JEC Magazine #44)


Using a special multi-part assembly technology based on highmodulus carbon composite components, the RXR can be built to the optimal design for individual customer requirements.



Design close to the rider

It took two years for Time Sport International to develop its thoroughbred time-trial frame (an epitome of technology!) in close cooperation with its professional teams. A number of windtunnel tests were performed to optimize the frame’s aerodynamics, providing about a 25% measured improvement in aerodynamic efficiency compared to a frame of classic geometry. The revolutionary aerodynamic design is UCIregulations compliant.


Each RXR carbon bicycle frame is a multishell module comprising three components. These three independent subframes are made in mould “shells”, using an Araldite® epoxy system with carbon fibre. Thanks to the unique technology, the mechanical features of each shell can be modified according to specific requirements and to accommodate the zones of stress. Each bicycle can be assembled to customize its mechanical properties and give its rider unparalleled performance.


The distinctive high-gloss red frame, available in four sizes, weighs just 1.3 kilograms. It comes with the state-ofthe- art integrated Translink® seat tube and features the striking Time Sport logo.


Raw materials

The carbon components are produced using the Araldite® LY 564 / Aradur® 22962 system, which can be cured at temperatures above 100°C. The very low viscosity of this amine-cured laminating system makes it perfect for the latest injection moulding techniques used by Time Sport, such as resin transfer moulding. It also has a long pot life (up to 150 minutes at 23°C) and high reactivity, for example with complete cure in only 15 minutes at 100°C.



Since its initial launch in 2005, the RXR has proved its superior performance in a range of time trials, including the world championships. This bike should accompany the iron calves of bicyclists up to the podium many times again!


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Testimonials from the “Tour de France” riders


Stef Clement − Bouygue Telecom professional team “It’s a stiff, effective frame. I’m very positive with it. It is light enough, and reacts very well.”


Sylvain Chavanel − Cofidis professional team “It’s a little F1 in itself! I’ve had nothing but good time trials since I’ve been using it. I immediately placed well with it.”


Jérôme Pineau − Bouygue Telecom professional team “I was the first pro to try it out. It was the only thing that Time lacked. It’s really reactive and efficient. It brakes well and tracks well. A real war machine! And the design is topnotch.”