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Bell 525 Relentless makes its first flight

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14 Jul 2015

The Bell 525 brings cutting edge capability to the super-medium class by combining performance characteristics and passenger amenities, with fly-by-wire flight controls, a touch screen avionics suite and Bell Helicopter’s last tailboom technology.

Bell Helicopter, a Textron company, announces the first flight of the Bell 525 Relentless. The maiden flight of the super-medium helicopter took place at the company's aircraft assembly center in Amarillo, Texas.

The Bell 525 was designed with input from our Customer Advisory Panel as an aircraft to meet future requirements for operational safety, payload & range, cabin comfort and configuration and reliability. One of the characteristics of the Bell 525 is the ability to perform CAT-A takeoffs and landings, to and from a helipad at maximum gross weight. Even in the event that one of the two engines fails, the Bell 525 provides sufficient power to maintain occupant safety while lifting off with a single operational engine. With over 60 helicopters reserved under letters of intent, the Bell 525 is designed to provide operators and end users unmatched situational awareness and the ability to perform a wide variety of missions under challenging weather conditions.

The Bell 525 is a fly-by-wire commercial helicopter designed to operate safely and reliably in austere environments with decreased pilot workload. The aircraft features the first fully-integrated touch screen avionics suite designed for helicopters, the Garmin G5000H. Best-in-class payload, cabin, cargo volumes, and passenger comfort complement the technological advancements on the aircraft.

GKN Aerospace is contracted to provide Bell Helicopter with key metal and composite structures across the helicopter fuselage. This major work package includes composite and aluminium fuselage panels and structural parts installed in the cockpit, cabin and tail boom.

GKN Aerospace also provides development and supply of state-of-the-art fuel tanks for the Bell 525. The tanks are manufactured using a newly developed fuel cell material that allows the tanks to weigh less than comparable in-service tanks while also meeting the rigorous performance requirements for Technical Standing Order (TSO C80) and Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR27/29).

GKN Aerospace is an independent supplier of aero-structures, pioneering new production techniques that are improving the quality and consistency of manufacture at greatly increased production rates.

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