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Belotti to organize an Open House

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8 Mar 2012

Belotti has organized an Open House at its premises in Suisio for all the Italian companies operating in the aerospace and automotive field, in collaboration with Delcam Italia, Lectra Italia, Siemens Italia and DueZero.

Over the years, Belotti has always had evolution as its strongest belief and this concept is nowadays more strategic than ever.


"Belotti's new machining centre model MDL [...] equiped with double independant bridges featuring 5 axis water jet and milling technology, with 22-kw milling spindle"


Belotti wide range of high speed and accuracy products have gone through a progress oriented towards a higher level of productivity, quality and flexibility, the major requirements for the sector’s players. 

Belotti’s answer to quality and flexibility needs is the new machining centre model MDL, displayed during the event, equipped with double independent bridges featuring both 5-axis water jet and milling technology, with 22-kW milling spindle.

This machine will be delivered to TAI Turkish company, who was demanding for an equipment to produce composite ailerons for the new Airbus 350 and elevators for the Boeing 787.


The main feature is the use of two complementary technologies in the same system, such as milling and waterjet cutting,  for machining large-sized composite parts very common in the aerospace industry.


"This machine [...] will produce composite ailerons for the new Airbus 350 and elevators for the Boeing 787"


Any kind of milling and drilling operations will be carried out by the system, especially on aluminum inserts  and composite titanium, as well as cutting by water jet. The two machining units are installed on two independent bridges and can work simultaneously wherever possible, without moving the part.


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