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Benzoxazine resins for composite materials

News International-French

6 Mar 2013

JEC Europe 2013 - Developed specifically for the aerospace industry, benzoxazine resin technology offers a comprehensive solution over commonly used epoxies, phenolics, and bismaleimides (BMIs).

Benefits are seen in weight savings, product performance, storage, processing, and health and safety.

Under the Loctite® brand, Henkel has developed benzoxazine resins for composite processes that provide benefits at every stage of the value chain. Major advantages compared to other technologies are their higher service temperature, lower cure shrinkage, reduced micro-cracking, improved toughness and lower total manufacturing costs. The performance improvements enable further weight reduction in aircraft structures compared to the current generation of composites.

These benzoxazine resins can be stored at room temperature, which simplifies processing and substantially reduces the amount of waste due to expired products. Since refrigerated storage is no longer necessary, energy consumption during shipping and storage is significantly reduced. And these are not the only benefits of the new generation of resins and composites. Loctite benzoxazine resins have the advantage of lower exothermic reactions. This means that the processing is more consistent for large and small components, which facilitates the scheduling of autoclaves. The resins are available in a variety of composite product forms, including prepregs and infusion resins.

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