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Beta LM105-3 infusion resin

News International-French

3 Mar 2014

JEC Europe 2014 - The Beta LM105-3 benzoxazine infusion resin from Airtech International Inc. has been used by Leading Edge Aerospace to evaluate oven-cure, high-temperature resin-infused tooling systems for Spirit Aerosystems.

The task was to fabricate a high-temperature resin-infused tool on a 1.5 m² monolithic graphite master with a complex configuration. After post-cure, the resin-infused layup was machined and then a number of production panels fabricated to evaluate integrity and performance. Beta LM105-3 is a single-component benzoxazine resin system infused at 110°C, which requires an initial cure at 185°C and then a 218°C post-cure for four hours.

Leading Edge achieved very positive results with small-scale testing and full-scale tool fabrication. The 110/185°C cure process required the use of high-temperature ancillary materials for successful infusion and breathability during the cure process. Heating up tool and resin required special attention, but this oven-cure resin infusion product proved to be a viable candidate for oven-cure high-temperature resin infusion tooling systems.

Benefits of Airtech Beta LM105 include no autoclave, minimal shipping costs and freezer space, easy layup fabrication with traditional bagging process, excellent surface toughness and ease of machining. The test panel and final tool were virtually void free with excellent surface quality on both tool and bag side.

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