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BFG International is awarded composite roof order

News International-French

27 Sep 2012

BFG International was recently chosen as the manufacturer for the new composite roof structure for the King Abdullah railway station located 80 km west of Jeddah.  The contract is for the tooling, mold making, design, manufacturing and installation of the composite roofing system.

The contract if for approximately 34,400 m2  (370,00 square feet) of PET foam cored epoxy roof panels nominally 150 mm thick, with bronze colored stainless steel mosaic tiles.  The interior of the composite panels will be fabricated with an integrated bronze anodized curved aluminum acoustic suspended ceiling. The composite roof system will also incorporate so more than 3,000  diamond shaped skylights.



BFG was awarded this contract because of their extensive experience in manufacturing large composite structures and their ability to incorporate metallic and decorative components into architectural cladding, domes and roofs.  With more than 4,000 composite architectural projects delivered to date, BFG International is one of the world’s most experienced composite manufacturing companies. 



BFG has been producing high value composite structures for the Architectural, Rail, Bus, Automotive, Wind Energy, Marine and Leisure industry for more than 37 years.  With in-house design, engineering, prototyping, tooling, mold making and manufacturing capabilities, BFG is uniquely positioned to supply composite structures to a variety of end use markets.



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