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Biaxial non-crimp fabrics

News International-French

26 Feb 2014

JEC Europe 2014 - Gerster TechTex introduces the new post-drapeable biaxial non-crimp fabrics Drapfix and Draptex, which are characterized by a high drapeability due to their movable fibres.

Drapfix features reinforcement fibres in the lengthwise direction within a movable support structure, thus differing from loop-formed knitted textiles. During the shaping process, the fibre distance remains almost constant due to the movable fibres, so that the properties are maintained across the complete surface. It is also possible to vary fibre types, e.g. carbon and glass fibres, to integrate additional functions such as locally increased impact strength or heating properties.

Draptex offers a gap-free fibre surface and is mainly used as a reinforcement for composite components where a visible or painted surface is needed. Here, the resin flow rate is lower than for Drapfix.

With these new fabrics, components with demanding geometric shapes are draped much more quickly, without cutoff, and offer a high potential for rationalization.

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