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Big impulse for research at TPRC: four new partners

News International-French

6 Feb 2012

The Dutch company DTC has joined the ThermoPlastic composites Research Center (TPRC) in The Netherlands.

The Amsterdam based company has decided to join the research center because of the benefits of joint development in the area of thermoplastic composites. The materials are known to be stronger, lighter and more durable than current alternatives that are used in industries such as aerospace and automotive. Earlier at the end of last year, three other companies had already joined the TPRC as well: Instron, Pinette Emidecau Industries and Italmatic.

Harald Heerink, general manager of the ThermoPlastic composites Research Center, is very happy to welcome the new partners. “The center started in 2009 as a collaboration between Boeing, Fokker, Ten Cate and the University of Twente. The addition of these extra partners will accelerate the research and development of thermoplastic composites for various markets.”

Instron, Pinette and Italmatic are supplying the center with production and test equipment which will be developed further in co-operation with TPRC. DTC is a manufacturer of thermoplastic composite parts for the aerospace market and will bring their knowledge and network into TPRC. “Through participating in TPRC, we get the opportunity to develop new products more quickly and are making sure that we are part of the leading research institute in our field of expertise”, says David Manten, DTC’s managing director.

Thermoplastic composites are not only excellent materials for strong and light constructions, but also suitable for rapid production technologies and recycling. Potential applications can be found in various markets like aerospace, automotive, wind-energy, maritime and construction.

About TPRC:
The ThermoPlastic composites Research Center is an open innovation center dedicated to research and development of thermoplastic composites. In 2009 the center was founded by Boeing, Ten Cate, Stork Fokker and the University of Twente, in close co-operation with the Development Agency East Netherlands, Innovation Platform Twente and Knowledge Park Twente. The TPRC is co-funded by the EU, the provinces of Gelderland and Overijssel and the Twente region since 2010.