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BigHead supports advanced lightweight engineering

News International-French

9 Sep 2014

BigHead has a long track record of supporting young engineers pushing the technical boundaries in their chosen profession. So far this year bigHead has supported a team in Canada developing a super-efficient car, and a UK team creating a solar-powered boat.

For the Concordia University SAE Super-mileage team competition in Canada bigHead was happy to provide free products to help the team realise their design and build of a carbon fibre vehicle, which they actually drove to victory: As team member Alexandre Laroche commented about bigHead: "They provided no-questions-asked free samples on really short delay. Their bolts were a reliable solution that made the vehicle completely modular. Their products had the versatility and ease of use to give us peace of mind when fastening things to the almost purely carbon fiber body, which gave us more freedom to think outside the box, without compromising on structural integrity."