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Bio-based composites set for mass manufacture

News International-French

23 Nov 2011

Elmira has recently released a range of bio-based prepregs following on from successful operations and commercial production. As more composite companies put sustainability at the core of their business strategy the emphasis for such materials is becoming ever clearer.

Elmira’s bio-based pre-pregs are available with an extensive selection of E-glass and Carbon reinforcements along with naturally derived fibre alternatives. These materials are suitable for a wide range of processes and curing requirements displaying excellent flow and laminate quality.



Elmira claims these materials provide not only comparable curing characteristics, thermal stability and mechanical performance to conventional epoxy based pre-pregs but also impart increased impact strength along with better water and chemical resistance.



“This new range of pre-pregs was the result of years of unbridled research and industry knowledge, enabling us to create materials for an array of applications. “Our recent advances in composite materials are now focused on principle components for current and future markets” said Nicholas Cronin Director at Elmira.



The industrial processability of high performance composites in general depends critically on the composition of the resin matrix. A bio-based alternative was previously thought to have insufficient quality, consistency or feedstock availability. However, Elmira’s presents throughout the production process allows them to secure high volumes of feedstock whilst maintaining material consistency and quality.



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