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Blackbird introduces its Savoy guitar

News International-French

14 Dec 2017

This small body 'O' size acoustic guitar is crafted of Ekoa linen fiber and plant resin.

Blackbird introduces its Savoy guitar

This small body 'O' size acoustic is crafted of Ekoa linen fiber and plant resin which is lighter and more resonant than conventional materials like Spruce. The one-piece design is lightweight, durable, and weather stable, so musicians can take their Savoy anywhere. Even with an amazing full size voice, playability and scale length, Savoy still fits in a ¾ soft case. As a 12-fret guitar, Savoy is both compact and places the bridge in the ‘sweet spot’ of the lower bout, while offering full fretboard access via the unique Blackbird ‘dual’ cutaway with the back sculpted away for access to the highest frets. Finally Savoy features Blackbird's proprietary hollow neck and head sound chamber.

Durable Ekoa construction
Ekoa linen composite, may have a warm sound, feel and finish, but it is humidity and temperature resistant and extraordinarily hard-wearing. Carbon fiber is also used in high stress areas to enhance long-term stability.