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Blade Runner feed line – no print, less void and easy handling

News International-French

5 Mar 2015

JEC Europe 2015 - DD-Compound introduces new Blade Runner resin feed line

DD-Compound’s aim is to ensure that parts produced with the vacuum infusion process can combine high quality, a simple and fast workflow and perfect surface quality. The new Blade Runner resin feed line is another major step towards this aim.

The Blade Runner feed line helps achieve better part quality with excellent surface quality, especially in the area where the resin feed line is placed. When setting up the vacuum infusion process, one or more resin feed lines are placed on the part. A normal spiral tube is often used to this end. Now, this tube can be simply substituted with the Blade Runner resin feed line.

Due to its construction and materials, the new feed line is more stable than a normal spiral tube. Thereby, it is easier to place and fix at the desired place. This also makes the setup for the vacuum infusion process faster. With Blade Runner, the spiral tube is kept at a distance from the part surface. Therefore, it does not leave any print on the surface and it minimizes air impacts under the feed line.

This new product saves working hours (and costs) when setting up the process and working on the surface after the infusion step. It can be used with all parts produced by vacuum infusion, although it is especially suitable for large and long parts like boats or wind turbine rotor blades.

DD-Compound presents the new resin feed line at the JEC Europe 2015 in Paris (Booth No. E5, Hall 7.3.), together with the MTI hose, the MTI valve and the Squeezee tube clip.

Booth: E5