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BlkBox Surf boards reinforced by TeXtreme

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6 Mar 2014

BlkBox Surf is an American brand and manufacturer of Stand-Up-Paddle (SUP) boards that is using TeXtreme spread tow carbon fabrics to achieve weight savings and mechanical performance benefits. 

The BlkBox SUP boards are the latest TeXtreme surf board application hitting the market after earlier successes by North Kiteboarding, Fanatic Windsurfing and Hydroflex surfboards.

TeXtreme spread tow carbon fiber reinforcements are used in applications and products requiring weight savings, improved strength and stiffness. In general customers using TeXtreme achieves weight savings of about 20-30% on the finished composite parts, compared to when using conventional carbon fiber reinforcements.

Besides surf boards, current applications for spread tow carbon reinforcements involves bicycles, America’s Cup boats, Formula 1/NASCAR cars/Le Mans cars, ice hockey sticks, golf shafts, advanced aerospace parts, etc.

About BlkBox Surf & Resin X:
BlkBox owner and shaper Matt Campbell is a former professional snowboarder, snowboard designer and paint & coatings engineer. BlkBox Surf is the culmination of Matt’s knowledge and passion for design, engineering and board sports. With his knowledge of coatings formulation it was natural for Matt to begin tinkering with resins. He eventually came up with his own proprietary & patented resin formula that dampened vibration, offered improved flex characteristics and wouldn’t yellow in the sun. Resin-X was born. Using Resin-X, Matt is able to produce a lighter, stronger surfboard with better performance characteristics.

About TeXtreme:
TeXtreme Spread Tow reinforcements is used for making ultra light composites. This technology is flexible and tow-size independent which enables development of optimized reinforcement solutions tailor-made for specific application needs. Utilization of spread tow carbon fabrics and carbon UD tapes by manufacturers of advanced aerospace, industrial and sports products confirms that 20-30% lighter composite parts can be produced with improved mechanical properties and superior surface smoothness.

TeXtreme is a registered trademark owned by Oxeon AB. Founded in 2003, Oxeon has quickly established itself as a market leader in spread tow reinforcements with its products marketed under the brand name TeXtreme.

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